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Puzynina Natalya Mikhailovna


Authors are invited to submit papers prepared with LaTeX system. A submission should include a tex-file with the text of the paper and the corresponding pdf-file. For your convenience we make up a tex-template that you may use to prepare your paper. The template also contains reference examples. Note that each item of a reference list must be cited in the text of your paper. You can download the template using this link. If your paper is intended to contain figures, please, read the instructions below.

Figures for a paper should be in black and white, although grayscale is also admissible. Each figure should be supplied as a separate .eps-file. Multi-part figures must be prepared and arranged as a single image file. Original size of a figure (at the scale 1.0 or 100%) should not exceed 120 mm horizontally and 160 mm vertically, while all bitmap (raster) images must be of resolution 300 dpi.

At the initial submission stage authors may choose to upload separate figure files or to incorporate figures into the main article file, ensuring that any inserted figures are of sufficient quality to be clearly legible. Text captions in an image should be replaced by number signs (possibly with pointing lines) which are explained in the figure legend or in the text of a paper. A pointing line should be arrowed only if it is directed to a point object. The same typeface in the same font size should be used for all figures in a paper. Math symbols and number sings at pointing lines should be in italics, at the same time scale numbers on coordinate lines and measures should be direct.

It is the best practice to name files author-figure1.eps, author-figure2.eps, etc., or simply author-figure.eps if there is only one figure in a paper.

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