Volume 24, 2017

No 1

E. A. Bobrova and V. V. Servakh
Construction of cyclic schedules in presence of parallel machines
P. 5-20

E. I. Vasilyeva and A. V. Pyatkin
On list incidentor $(k, l)$-colorings
P. 21-30

E. M. Zamaraeva
On teaching sets for 2-threshold functions of two variables
P. 31-55

P. A. Irzhavskii, Yu. A. Kartynnik, and Yu. L. Orlovich
1-Triangle graphs and perfect neighborhood sets
P. 56-80

D. S. Malyshev
Critical elements in combinatorially closed families of graph classes
P. 81-96

V. M. Fomichev and S. N. Kyazhin
Local primitivity of matrices and graphs
P. 97-119

No 2

I. S. Bykov and A. L. Perezhogin
On distance Gray codes
P. 5-17

V. A. Voblyi and A. K. Meleshko
Enumeration of labeled outerplanar bicyclic and tricyclic graphs
P. 18-31

A. M. Koreneva and V. M. Fomichev
The mixing properties of modified additive generators
P. 32-52

S. A. Malyugin
Perfect binary codes of infinite length
P. 53-67

T. I. Fedoryaeva
Asymptotic approximation for the number of $n$-vertex graphs of given diameter
P. 68-86

I. P. Chukhrov
Proof of covering minimality by generalizing the notion of independence
P. 87-106

No 3

E. Kh. Gimadi and O. Yu. Tsidulko
An asymptotically optimal algorithm for the $m$-Peripatetic Salesman Problem on random inputs
with discrete distribution

P. 5-19

M. A. Lisitsyna and O. G. Parshina
Perfect colorings of the infinite circulant graph with distances 1 and 2
P. 20-34

D. S. Malyshev and D. V. Sirotkin
Polynomial-time solvability of the independent set problem in a certain class of subcubic planar graphs
P. 35-60

D. B. Mokeev
On König graphs with respect to $P_4$
P. 61-79

K. A. Popkov
On the exact value of the length of the minimal single diagnostic test for a particular class of circuits
P. 80-103

V. M. Fomichev
Computational complexity of the original and extended Diophantine Frobenius problem
P. 104-124

No 4

V. L. Beresnev and A. A. Melnikov
An upper bound for the competitive location and capacity choice problem with multiple demand scenarios
P. 5-21

Yu. E. Bessonov and A. A. Dobrynin
Lattice complete graphs
P. 22-33

M. O. Golovachev and A. V. Pyatkin
On $(1, l)$-coloring of incidentors of multigraphs
P. 34-46

A. V. Eremeev
On computational complexity of the electric power flow optimization problem in market environment
P. 47-59

S. S. Marchenkov
On the operations of bounded suffix summation and multiplication
P. 60-76

O. V. Pinyagina
The network equilibrium problem with mixed demand
P. 77-94

R. Yu. Simanchev
On facet-inducing inequalities for combinatorial polytopes
P. 95-110

V. V. Shenmaier
An exact algorithm for finding a vector subset with the longest sum
P. 111-129

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