English version:
Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2017, 11:4, 584-593

Volume 24, No 4, 2017, P. 111–129

UDC 519.16
V. V. Shenmaier
An exact algorithm for finding a vector subset with the longest sum

We consider the problem: Given a set of $n$ vectors in the $d$-dimensional Euclidean space, find a subset maximizing the length of the sum vector. We propose an algorithm that finds an optimal solution to this problem in time $O$($n^{d - 1}$ ($d$ + log $n$)). In particular, if the input vectors lie in a plane then the problem is solvable in almost linear time.
Illustr. 2, bibliogr. 14.

Keywords: sum vector, search for a vector subset, Euclidean space, polynomial-time algorithm, optimal solution.

DOI: 10.17377/daio.2017.24.541

Vladimir V. Shenmaier 1
1. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
4 Koptyug Ave., 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
e-mail: shenmaier@mail.ru

Received 22 May 2016
Revised 10 May 2017


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