English version:
Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2017, 11:2, 296-303

Volume 24, No 2, 2017, P. 18-31

UDC 519.175.3
V. A. Voblyi and A. K. Meleshko
Enumeration of labeled outerplanar bicyclic and tricyclic graphs

The class of outerplanar graphs is used for testing the average complexity of algorithms on graphs. A random labeled outerplanar graph can be generated by a polynomial algorithm based on the results of an enumeration of such graphs. By a bicyclic (tricyclic) graph we mean a connected graph with cyclomatic number 2 (respectively, 3). We find explicit formulas for the number of labeled connected outerplanar bicyclic and tricyclic graphs with $n$ vertices and also obtain asymptotics for the number of these graphs for large $n$. Moreover, we obtain explicit formulas for the number of labeled outerplanar bicyclic and tricyclic $n$-vertex blocks and deduce the corresponding asymptotics for large $n$.
Tab. 1, illustr. 4, bibliogr. 15.

Keywords: enumeration, labeled graph, outerplanar graph, bicyclic graph, tricyclic graph, asymptotics.

DOI: 10.17377/daio.2017.24.544

Vitaly A. Voblyi 1
Anna K. Meleshko 1

1. Bauman Moscow State University,
5 Bld. 1 Vtoraya Baumanskaya St., 105005 Moscow, Russia
e-mail: vitvobl@yandex.ru, bakmeleshko@gmail.com

Received 10 May 2016
Revised 11 October 2016


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