Volume 24, No 1, 2017

E. A. Bobrova and V. V. Servakh
Construction of cyclic schedules in presence of parallel machines
P. 5-20

E. I. Vasilyeva and A. V. Pyatkin
On list incidentor $(k, l)$-colorings
P. 21-30

E. M. Zamaraeva
On teaching sets for 2-threshold functions of two variables
P. 31-55

P. A. Irzhavskii, Yu. A. Kartynnik, and Yu. L. Orlovich
1-Triangle graphs and perfect neighborhood sets
P. 56-80

D. S. Malyshev
Critical elements in combinatorially closed families of graph classes
P. 81-96

V. M. Fomichev and S. N. Kyazhin
Local primitivity of matrices and graphs
P. 97-119

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