English version:
Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2017, 11:1, 130-144

Volume 24, No 1, 2017, P. 31-55

UDC 519.715
E. M. Zamaraeva
On teaching sets for 2-threshold functions of two variables

We consider $k$-threshold functions of n variables, i. e. the functions representable as the conjunction of $k$ threshold functions. For $n$ = 2, $k$ = 2, we give upper bounds for the cardinality of the minimal teaching set depending on the various properties of the function.
Illustr. 6, bibliogr. 9.

Keywords: machine learning, threshold function, teaching dimension, teaching set.

DOI: 10.17377/daio.2017.24.508

Elena M. Zamaraeva 1
1. Lobachevsky State University,
23 Gagarin Ave., 603950 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
e-mail: elena.zamaraeva@gmail.com

Received 31 August 2015
Revised 2 August 2016


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