Volume 23, 2016

No 1

V. E. Alekseev and D. V. Zakharova
Independent sets in graphs without subtrees with many leaves
P. 5-16

Ts. Ch.-D. Batueva
Discrete dynamical systems with threshold functions of up to three variables
P. 17-34

V. L. Beresnev and A. A. Melnikov
A capacitated competitive facility location problem
P. 35-50

I. S. Bykov
On locally balanced Gray codes
P. 51-64

V. A. Vitkup
On symmetric properties of APN-functions
P. 65-81

G. G. Zabudsky and N. S. Veremchuk
An algorithm for approximate solution to the Weber problem on a line with forbidden gaps
P. 82-96

A. B. Zinchenko
Polytopes of special classes of balanced games with transferable utility
P. 97-112

No 2

V. A. Voblyi
Enumeration of labeled connected graphs with given order and number of edges
P. 5-20

A. V. Kel’manov, S. A. Khamidullin, and V. I. Khandeev
A fully polynomial-time approximation scheme for a sequence 2-cluster partitioinig problem
P. 21-40

Yu. V. Kovalenko
On complexity of optimal recombination for flowshop scheduling problems
P. 41-62

A. Yu. Krylatov
Network flow assignment as a fixed point problem
P. 63-87

D. P. Pokrasenko
On the maximal component algebraic immunity of vectorial Boolean functions
P. 88-99

G. Sh. Tamasyan, E. V. Prosolupov, and T. A. Angelov
Comparative study of two fast algorithms for projecting a point to the standard simplex
P. 100-123

No 3

V. P. Il’ev, S. D. Il’eva, and A. A. Navrotskaya
Graph clustering with a constraint on cluster sizes
P. 5-20

A. V. Kel’manov and A. V. Motkova
Exact pseudopolinomial algorithms for a balanced 2-clustering problem
P. 21-34

S. M. Lavlinskii, A. A. Panin, and A. V. Plyasunov
Comparison of models of planning public-private partnership
P. 35-60

A. N. Maksimenko
Complexity of combinatorial optimization problems in terms of face lattice of associated polytopes
P. 61-80

S. S. Marchenkov
On maximal subalgebras of the algebras of unary recursive functions
P. 81-92

A. K. Oblaukhov
Metric complements to subspaces in the Boolean cube
P. 93-106

A. M. Romanov
On full-rank perfect codes over finite fields
P. 107-123

No 4

A. V. Kononov and P. A. Kononova
On minimizing dataset transfer time in an acyclic network with four servers
P. 5-25

A. M. Romanov
On the embedding of constant-weight codes into perfect codes
P. 26-34

A. A. Taranenko
Permanents of multidimensional matrices: properties and applications
P. 35-101

V. V. Shenmaier
Solving some vector subset problems by Voronoi diagrams
P. 102-115

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