English version:
Journal of Applied and Industrial Mathematics, 2016, 10:3, 356-369

Volume 23, No 3, 2016, P. 35-60

UDC 519.87+519.854
S. M. Lavlinskii, A. A. Panin, and A. V. Plyasunov
Comparison of models of planning public-private partnership

We propose two new mathematical formulation of the planning problem of public-private partnership. One of the models is bilevel and the other is one-level. The results that characterize the computational complexity of these models are shown. We develop some exact and approximate algorithms for solving these problems. A special model polygon is built to carry out a computational experiment. The polygon takes into account the specificity of the original information base. On the basis of the numerical results of the experiment, we compare the properties of optimal solutions in different models. This allows us to assess the adequacy of the underlying assumptions of the models with the current state of affairs in the field of project management of public-private partnership.
Ill. 13, bibliogr. 16.

Keywords: public-private partnership, bilevel problem, approximation hierarchy, NPO-hard problem, class $\Sigma^{P}_{2} O$, hybrid algorithm, local search.

DOI: 10.17377/daio.2016.23.527

Sergey M. Lavlinskii 1
Artem A. Panin 1,2

Alexander V. Plyasunov 1,2
1. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics,
4 Koptyug Ave., 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
2. Novosibirsk State University,
2 Pirogov St., 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
e-mail: lavlin@math.nsc.ru, arteam1897@gmail.com, apljas@math.nsc.ru

Received 11 April 2016
Revised 10 May 2016


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