Volume 23, No 1, 2016

V. E. Alekseev and D. V. Zakharova
Independent sets in graphs without subtrees with many leaves
P. 5-16

Ts. Ch.-D. Batueva
Discrete dynamical systems with threshold functions of up to three variables
P. 17-34

V. L. Beresnev and A. A. Melnikov
A capacitated competitive facility location problem
P. 35-50

I. S. Bykov
On locally balanced Gray codes
P. 51-64

V. A. Vitkup
On symmetric properties of APN-functions
P. 65-81

G. G. Zabudsky and N. S. Veremchuk
An algorithm for approximate solution to the Weber problem on a line with forbidden gaps
P. 82-96

A. B. Zinchenko
Polytopes of special classes of balanced games with transferable utility
P. 97-112

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