Volume 22, 2015

No 1

A. V. Vasin
On a wide class of bases with unreliability coefficient equal to one
P. 5-18

A. B. Dainiak and A. D. Kurnosov
On an extremal inverse problem in the graph theory
P. 19-31

S. . Malyugin
Affine 3-nonsystematic perfect codes of length 15
P. 32-50

E. V. Morozov and D. S. Romanov
Full detecting tests for Boolean functions for local linear faults of circuits’ inputs
P. 51-63

A. V. Orlov
Numerical search for global solutions in problems of non-symmetric bilinear separability
P. 64-85

I. M. Khuziev
About searching for antipodal vertexes in symmetric Cayley graphs
P. 86-99

No 2

S. E. Bukhtoyarov and V. A. Emelichev
On stability of solutions of a vector variant of one investment problem
P. 5-16

V. G. Vizing
On coloring problems for the two-season multigraphs
P. 17-26

P. A. Irzhavski
Cyclic properties of topological graphs of a hexagonal grid
P. 27-48

S. S. Marchenkov
On the complexity of solving systems of functional equations in countable-valued logic
P. 49-62

A. V. Pyatkin
On interval (1, 1)-coloring of incidentors of interval colorable graphs
P. 63-72

V. G. Sargsyan
Counting sumsets and differences in abelian groups
P. 73-85

R. Yu. Simanchev and I. V. Urazova
On the faces of the graph approximation problem polytope
P. 86–101

No 3

E. Kh. Gimadi and I. A. Rykov
A randomized algorithm for the vector subset problem with the maximal Euclidean norm of its sum
P. 5-17

E. N. Gordeev
Comparison of three approaches to studing stability of solutions to discrete optimization and computational geometry problems
P. 18-35

Yu. A. Kochetov, A. A. Panin and A. V. Plyasunov
Comparison of metaheuristics for the bilevel facility location and mill pricing problem
P. 36-54

V. A. Skorokhodov and A. S. Chebotareva
The maximal flow problem on networks with special conditions of flow distribution
P. 55-74

I. P. Chukhrov
On the problem of minimizing a single set of Boolean functions
P. 75-97

No 4

E. Kh. Gimadi and E. Yu. Shin
Probabilistic analysis of an algorithm for the minimal spanning tree problem with diameter bounded from below
P. 5-20

A. I. Erzin and N. A. Shabelnikova
About density of a covering of a strip with identical sectors
P. 21-34

E. A. Kazakovtseva and V. V. Servakh
The complexity of the project scheduling problem with credits
P. 35-49

A. V. Kel’manov and V. I. Khandeev
An exact pseudopolynomial algorithm for a bi-partitioning problem
P. 50-62

A. A. Romanova
Effective algorithms for one scheduling problem on two machines with makespan minimization
P. 63-79

No 5

Yu. A. Kochetov and A. V. Khmelev
Hybrid local search for the heterogenous fixed fleet vehicle routing problem
P. 5-29

K. G. Kuzmin
A united approach to finding the stability radii in a multicriteria problem of a maximum cut
P. 30-51

K. A. Popkov
Estimations on lengths of tests of functional elements under a large number of permissible faults
P. 52-70

K. L. Rychkov
Sufficient conditions for the minimal π-schemes for linear Boolean functions to be locally non-repeating
P. 71-85

No 6

Sh. I. Galiev and A. V. Khorkov
Multiple circle coverings of an equilateral triangle, square, and circle
P. 5-28

E. A. Monakhova and O. G. Monakhov
Searching for record circulant graphs using a parallel genetic algorithm
P. 29-42

T. I. Fedoryaeva
The diversity vector of balls of a typical graph of small diameter
P. 43-54

A. V. Khmelev
A three-phase heuristic for the vehicle fleet and route optimization
P. 55-77

N. Yu. Shereshik
Relaxation for the polyhedron of optimal schedules for the problem of interrupt-oriented service of jobs with a single machine
P. 78-90

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