Volume 22, No 6, 2015, P. 78–90

UDC 519.1
N. Yu. Shereshik
Relaxation for the polyhedron of optimal schedules for the problem of interrupt-oriented service of jobs with a single machine

We consider the problem of minimizing the total service time of different jobs from one device preemption. We construct two classes of hyperplanes containing polyhedron of optimal schedules for this problem and describe computer experiments.
Ill. 4, tab. 1, bibliogr. 6.

Keywords: scheduling theory, integer programming model, polytope, polyhedron, valid inequality, relaxation.

DOI: 10.17377/daio.2015.22.486

Nikolay Yu. Shereshik 1
1. Omsk State University,
55-a Mir Ave., 644077 Omsk, Russia
e-mail: m-m_pikm@mail.ru

Received 11 April 2015
Revised 16 August 2015


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