Volume 21, No 6, 2014

K. V. Vorob’ev and D. S. Krotov
Bounds on the cardinality of a minimal 1-perfect bitrade in the hamming graph
P. 3–10

A. N. Glebov, D. Zh. Zambalaeva and A. A. Skretneva  
2/3-approximation algorithm for the maximization version of the asymmetric two peripatetic salesman problem
P. 11–20

I. A. Davydov, P. A. Kononova and Yu. A. Kochetov
Local search with exponential neighborhood for the servers load balancing problem
P. 21–34

I. V. Kozin and S. I. Polyuga
Evolutionary-fragmentary model of pentamino packing
P. 35–50

V. V. Kochergin
Improvement of complexity bounds of monomials and sets of powers computations in Bellman’s and Knuth’s problems
P. 51–72

K. A. Popkov
Estimates for lengths of check and diagnostic tests of functional elements
P. 73–89

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