Volume 21, No 6, 2014, P. 21-34

UDC 519.87
I. A. Davydov, P. A. Kononova and Yu. A. Kochetov
Local search with exponential neighborhood for the servers load balancing problem

For the servers load balancing problem, we present a local search method with a new exponential neighborhood. We study variants of the local search algorithms with randomized versions of the neighborhood. Computational results confirm high efficiency of the proposed approach.
Ill. 1, tab. 4, bibliogr. 15.

Keywords: local search, assignment problem, load balancing.

Davydov Ivan Alexandrovich 1,2
Kononova Polina Alexandrovna 1,2

Kochetov Yuriy Andreevich 1,2
1. S. L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, SB RAS,
4 Acad. Koptyug Ave., 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
2. Novosibirsk State University,
2 Pirogov St., 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia
e-mail: vann.davydov@gmail.com, polik83@ngs.ru, jkochet@math.nsc.ru

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