Volume 21, No 6, 2014, P. 35-50

UDC 519.8
I. V. Kozin and S. I. Polyuga
Evolutionary-fragmentary model of pentamino packing

We consider the problem of packing pentamino in flat containers of arbitrary shape. The definition of the fragmentary structure is introduced. We show that the problem of packing pentaminoes can be represented as a problem with the fragmentary structure. An evolutionary model for finding optimal pentamino packages is proposed.
Ill. 4, tab. 1, bibliogr. 16.

Keywords: packing pentamino, fragmentary structure, evolutionary-fragmentary model, evolutionary algorithm.

Kozin Igor Viktorovich 1
Polyuga Svetlana Igorevna 1

1. Zaporizhia National University,
66 Zhukovskiy St.,  69063 Zaporizhia, Ukraine
e-mail: ains00@gmail.com, veta99@mail.ru

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