Volume 21, No 6, 2014, P. 73-89

UDC 519.718.7519.718.7
K. A. Popkov
Estimates for lengths of check and diagnostic tests of functional elements

We examine problems of check of repair and state diagnosis of N functional elements which realize a given Boolean function f (x1, … , xn) in their perfect states by means of composition of one-output circuits and observation of values produced by these circuits on any value sets of input variables. Random constant faults on outputs of functional elements are permitted; at the same time, it is assumed that not more than k elements are faulted, where k is a natural number that does not rank over N. It is needed to minimize a number of circuits required for check of repair and determination of states of all elements. It is shown that no more than k circuits are required for each fN, and k. For functions f of special kind, necessary and sufficient conditions that k circuits are enough for check of repair and state diagnosis of all elements are obtained.
Ill. 3, bibliogr. 2.

Keywords: functional element, fault, circuit, check test, diagnostic test.

Popkov Kirill Andreevich 1
1. Lomonosov Moscow State University,
1 Leninskie Gory, 119991 Moscow, Russia
e-mail: kirill-formulist@mail.ru

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