Volume 21, No 5, 2014

A. Yu. Bernshtein  
3-Regular subgraphs and (3, 1)-colorings of 4-regular pseudographs
P. 3–16

V. A. Voblyi and A. K. Meleshko
Enumeration of labeled Eulerian tetracyclic graphs
P. 17–22

A. A. Kurochkin
Capacitated facility location problem on random input data
P. 23–39

I. M. Minarchenko
Numerical search of equilibrium in cournot model with S-like costs functions
P. 40–53

A. A. Panin and A. V. Plyasunov
On complexity of bilevel problems of location and pricing
P. 54–66

S. Yu. Filyuzin
On algebraic immunity of dillon’s bent functions
P. 67–75

I. P. Chukhrov
Minimal complexes of faces of a random Boolean function
P. 76–94

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