Volume 21, No 3, 2014

V. A. Bulavskii and N. V. Shestakova
On the calculation of rent estimates
P. 4–10

E. N. Goncharov
A stochastic greedy algorithm for the resource-constrained project scheduling problem
P. 11–24

A. A. Evdokimov, S. E. Kochemazov, I. V. Otpushennikov and A. A. Semenov
Analysis of discrete automaton models of gene networks with irregular structure using symbolic algorithms
P. 25–40

A. V. Kel’manov and S. M. Romanchenko
FPTAS for solving a problem of search for a vector subset
P. 41–52

O. V. Muraveva
Stability of compatible systems of linear inequalities and linear separability
P. 53–63

A. V. Panyukov and R. E. Shangin
An exact algorithm for solving the discrete weber problem for a k-tree
P. 64–75

. V. Pyatkin 
On edge muticoloring of unicyclic graphs
P. 76–81

A. V. Seliverstov
Polytopes and connected subgraphs
P. 82–86

G. Sh. Tamasyan and A. A. Chumakov
Finding the distance between the ellipsoids
P. 87–102

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