Volume 21, No 2, 2014

Beresnev V. L., Melnikov . .
Branch-and-bound method for the competitive facility location problem with prescribed choice of suppliers
P. 3–23

Voblyi V. A., Meleshko A. K.
The number of labeled block-cactus graphs
P. 24–32

Glebov A. N., Zambalaeva D. Zh.
A partition of a planar graph with girth 6 into two forests containing no path of length greater than 4
P. 33–51

Kolomeec N. A.
A threshold property of quadratic Boolean functions
P. 52–58

Merekin Yu. V.
The Shannon function for calculating the Arnold complexity of length 2n binary words for arbitrary n
P. 59–75

Parshina O. G.
Perfect 2-colorings of infinite circulant graphs with a continuous set of distances
P. 76–83

Shmyrev V. I.
Polyhedral complementarity algorithms for searching an equilibrium in linear models of competitive economy
P. 84–101

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