Volume 20, 2013

No 1

Vizing V. G. 
Half-chromatic number of graph
P. 3–11

Erzin A. I., Plotnikov R. V., Shamardin Yu. V. 
Some polynomially solvable cases and approximation algorithms for optimal communication tree construction problem
P. 12–27

Lisitsyna M. A. 
Perfect 3-colorings of prisms and Möbius ladders
P. 28–36

Monakhova E. A.
A new attainable lower bound on the number of nodes in quadruple circulant networks
P. 37–44

Pavlov S. V. 
On optimal cycles for regular balanced no-wait robotic cell problems
P. 45–57

Fedoryaeva T. I. 
Majorants and minorants in the graph class with given number of vertices and diameter
P. 58–76

Frolova A. A. 
Essential dependence of the Kasami bent functions on the products of variables
P. 77–92

Shenmaier V. V. 
The smallest k-enclosing ball problem
P. 93–99

No 2

Goryainov S. V., Shalaginov L. V. 
On Deza graphs with parameters of complement graphs to lattice and triangular graphs
P. 3–14

Guskov G. K. 
On partitions of an n-cube into perfect binary codes
P. 15–25

Karachik V. V. 
Rows of Pascal’s triangle modulo a prime
P. 26–46

Kel’manov A. V., Pyatkin A. V. 
On the complexity of some vector sequence clustering problems
P. 47–57

Kolyada S. S. 
Identity checking tests for circuits of functional elements in fan-in 2 bases
P. 58–74

Malyshev D. S.
Extending operators for the independent set problem
P. 75–87

Marchenkov S. S.
On maximal and minimal elements in partially ordered sets of Boolean degrees
P. 88–101

No 3

Kovalevskaya D. I., Solov’eva F. I., Filimonova ┼. S. 
Steiner triple systems of small rank embedded into perfect binary codes
P. 3–25

Malyshev D. S. 
Đlasses of subcubic planar graphs for which the independent set problem is polynomial-time solvable
P. 26–44

Sargsyan V. G.
On the maximum cardinality of a $k$-zero-free set in an Abelian group
P. 45–64

Seliverstov A. V. 
On monomials in quadratic forms
P. 65–70

Trofimov V. K., Khramova T. V.
Universal encoding of Markov’s sources by symbols with varying durations
P. 71–83

Fedorova V. S.
On the complexity of the satisfiability problem for a system of functional Boolean equations
P. 84–100

No 4

Bobrova E. A., Romanova A. A., Servakh V. V. 
The complexity of cyclic scheduling for identical jobs
P. 3–14

Vasil’ev Yu. L., Rychkov K. L. 
A lower bound on formula size of a ternary linear function
P. 15–26

Emelichev V. A., Kuzmin K. G.
Stability analysis of the efficient solution to a vector problem of a maximum cut
P. 27–35

Kel’manov A. V., Khandeev V. I.
A 2-approximation polynomial algorithm for one clustering problem
P. 36–45

Kovalevskaya D. I., Solov’eva F. I.
Steiner quadruple systems of small ranks and extended perfect binary codes
P. 46–64

Kombarov Ya. A.
On minimal circuts in sheffer basis for linear boolean functions
P. 65–87

Perezhogin A. L.
Simple cycles in the n-cube with a large group of automorphisms
P. 88–97

No 5

Vorobev K. V.
On the embedding of eigenfunctions of the Johnson graph into eigenfunctions of the Hamming graph
P. 3–12

Gimadi E. Kh., Istomin A. M., Rykov I. A.
On m-capacitated peripatetic salesman problem
P. 13–30

Guskov G. K., Solov’eva F. I.
On extremely transitive extended perfect codes
P. 31–44

Korsakova E. P.
Graph classification for quadratic bent functions in 6 variables
P. 45–57

Pestunov A. I.
An impact of the two values difference’s Hamming weight on its preserving probability after addition and subtraction
P. 58–65

Tsidulko O. Yu.
On solvability of the axial 8-index assignment problem on one-cycle permutations
P. 66–83

Shangin R. E.
A deterministic algorithm for solving the Weber problem for an n-sequentially connected chain
P. 84–96

No 6

Vasin A. V. 
Asymptotically reliability optimal schemes in special bases
P. 3–15

Velikanova Yu. Yu.
The online algorithms for the problem of finding the maximum of the unimodal function
P. 16–29

Zamaraev V. A.
On factorial subclasses of $K_{1,3}$-free graphs
P. 30–39

Isaev M. I., Isaeva K. V.
Asymptotic enumeration of eulerian orientations for graphs with strong mixing properties
P. 40–58

Malyshev D. S.
Critical graph classes for the edge list-ranking problem
P. 59–76

Chukhrov I. P.
On complexity measures for complexes of faces in the unit cube
P. 77–94

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