Volume 20, No 5, 2013, P. 84-96

UDC 519.863
Shangin R. E.
A deterministic algorithm for solving the Weber problem for an n-sequentially connected chain

The class of n-sequentially connected chains is introduced. Here is set an algorithm based on dynamic programming which reasonably solves the Weber problem for an n-sequentially connected chain and a finite set of location positions. The analysis of the proposed algorithm is given. On a set of problem cases which was randomly generated, the comparison of action period of the given algorithm and a model of integer linear programming was carried out in IBM ILOG CPLEX.
Ill. 3, tab. 1, bibliogr. 10.

Keywords: Weber problem, n-sequentially connected chain, dynamic programming, exact algorithm.

Shangin Roman Eduardovich 1
1. South Ural State University,
76 Lenin Ave., 454080 Chelyabinsk, Russia
e-mail: shanginre@gmail.com

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