Volume 20, No 2, 2013

Goryainov S. V., Shalaginov L. V.
On Deza graphs with parameters of complement graphs to lattice and triangular graphs
P. 3–14

Guskov G. K.
On partitions of an n-cube into perfect binary codes
P. 15–25

Karachik V. V. 
Rows of Pascal’s triangle modulo a prime
P. 26–46

Kel’manov A. V., Pyatkin A. V.
On the complexity of some vector sequence clustering problems
P. 47–57

Kolyada S. S.
Identity checking tests for circuits of functional elements in fan-in 2 bases
P. 58–74

Malyshev D. S.
Extending operators for the independent set problem
P. 75–87

Marchenkov S. S.
On maximal and minimal elements in partially ordered sets of Boolean degrees
P. 88–101

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