Volume 20, No 1, 2013

Vizing V. G. 
Half-chromatic number of graph
P. 3–11

Erzin A. I., Plotnikov R. V., Shamardin Yu. V. 
Some polynomially solvable cases and approximation algorithms for optimal communication tree construction problem
P. 12–27

Lisitsyna M. A. 
Perfect 3-colorings of prisms and Möbius ladders
P. 28–36

Monakhova E. A.
A new attainable lower bound on the number of nodes in quadruple circulant networks
P. 37–44

Pavlov S. V. 
On optimal cycles for regular balanced no-wait robotic cell problems
P. 45–57

Fedoryaeva T. I. 
Majorants and minorants in the graph class with given number of vertices and diameter
P. 58–76

Frolova A. A. 
Essential dependence of the Kasami bent functions on the products of variables
P. 77–92

Shenmaier V. V. 
The smallest k-enclosing ball problem
P. 93–99

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