Volume 19, 2012

No 1

A. Yu. Vasil’eva
On reconstructive sets of vertices in the Boolean cube
P. 3–16

E. Kh. Gimadi, . V. Ivonina 
Approximation algorithms for maximum-weight problem of two-peripatetic salesmen
P. 17–32

S. M. Grabovskaya 
About the reliability of nonbranching programs in the basis of a generalized conjunction
P. 33–40

N. A. Kolomeec
Enumeration of bent functions on the minimal distance from the quadratic bent function
P. 41–58

P. A. Kononova 
Lower and upper bounds for the optimal makespan in the multimedia problem
P. 59–73

D. S. Malyshev
The complexity analysis of the edge-ranking problem for hereditary graph classes with at most three prohibitions
P. 74–96

No 2

M. N. Vyalyi, A. A. Rubtsov
Decidability conditions for problems about automata reading infinite words
P. 3–18

I. A. Davydov 
Tabu search for the discrete (r|p)-centroid problem
P. 19–40

A. V. Eremeev
Genetic algorithm with tournament selection as a local search method
P. 41–54

A. V. Kononov
On a two-machine routing open shop problem on a two-node network
P. 55–75

V. N. Potapov 
Construction of hamiltonian cycles with a given range of directions of edges in the boolean n-dimensional cube
P. 76–84

A. M. Romanov 
On the admissible families of components of hamming codes
P. 85–92

V. V. Shenmaier 
Approximation scheme for one problem of a vector subset choice
P. 93–101

No 3

S. V. Avgustinovich, Yu. L. Vasil’ev, K. L. Rychkov
The computation complexity in the class of formulas
P. 3–12

A. V. Eremeev, Yu. V. Kovalenko 
On complexity of optimal recombination for one scheduling problem with setup times
P. 13–26

A. V. Kel’manov, S. M. Romanchenko, S. A. Khamidullin
Approximation algorithms for some NP-hard problems of searching a vectors subsequence
P. 27–38

Yu. A. Kombarov
On minimal realizations of linear boolean functions
P. 39–57

D. S. Malyshev
Effective solvability of the independent set problem in a class of graphs without induced path and cycle with five vertices and a big clique
P. 58–64

A. V. Pyatkin, I. D. Chernykh
Preemptive routing open shop on a link
P. 65–78

I. P. Chukhrov
On minimal complexes of faces in the unit cube
P. 79–99

No 4

V. E. Alekseev, D. B. Mokeev 
König graphs with respect to 3-paths
P. 3–14

V. A. Vasil’ev 
On existence of walras equilibrium in a multi-regional economic model
P. 15–34

V. G. Vizing
Multicoloring of incidentors of weighted undirected multigraph
P. 35–47

V. A. Voblyi 
A formula for the number of labeled connected graphs
P. 48–59

K. V. Vorob’ev 
Perfect multiple coverings of hypercube
P. 60–65

D. S. Malyshev 
Polynomial solvability of the independent set problem for one class of graphs with small diameter
P. 66–72

S. A. Malyugin
Affine nonsystematic codes
P. 73–85

S. S. Marchenkov
On solutions to systems of automata-type functional equations
P. 86–98

No 5

M. A. Bashov 
Minimal in terms of double-sided shadowsubsets of Boolean cube layer distinct from circles
P. 3–20

Yu. Yu. Velikanova 
Running time of local search algorithms for a scheduling problem on the parallel machines
P. 21–34

N. Yu. Zolotykh, A. Yu. Chirkov 
n an upper bound for the cardinality of a minimal teaching set of a threshold function
P. 35–46

D. I. Kovalevskaya, F. I. Solov’eva 
Steiner quadruple systems of small rank embedded into extended perfect binary codes
P. 47–62

P. A. Kononova, Yu. A. Kochetov 
Variable neighborhood search for two machine flowshop problem with a passive prefetch
P. 63–82

A. V. Plyasunov, A. A. Panin
The pricing problem. Part I. Exact and approximate algorithms
P. 83–100

No 6

S. V. Avgustinovich, E. V. Gorkunov 
On reconstruction of a binary code from dimensions of its subcodes
P. 3–8

E. Kh. Gimadi, A. A. Kurochkin
Effective algorithm for solving a two-level facility location problem on a tree-like network
P. 9–22

V. A. Emelichev, V. V. Korotkov
Stability analysis of Pareto optimal portfolio of multicriteria investment problem with Wald’s maximin criteria
P. 23–36

D. S. Malyshev 
Study of boundary graph classes for colorability problems
P. 37–48

Yu. V. Merekin
The Shannon function of computation of the Arnold complexity of length 2n binary words
P. 49–55

A. V. Plyasunov, A. A. Panin
The pricing problem. Part 2. The computational complexity
P. 56–71

L. A. Sholomov 
Decomposition of underdetermined data
P. 72–98

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