Volume 19, No 5, 2012

M. A. Bashov 
Minimal in terms of double-sided shadowsubsets of Boolean cube layer distinct from circles
P. 3–20

Yu. Yu. Velikanova 
Running time of local search algorithms for a scheduling problem on the parallel machines
P. 21–34

N. Yu. Zolotykh, A. Yu. Chirkov 
n an upper bound for the cardinality of a minimal teaching set of a threshold function
P. 35–46

D. I. Kovalevskaya, F. I. Solov’eva 
Steiner quadruple systems of small rank embedded into extended perfect binary codes
P. 47–62

P. A. Kononova, Yu. A. Kochetov 
Variable neighborhood search for two machine flowshop problem with a passive prefetch
P. 63–82

A. V. Plyasunov, A. A. Panin
The pricing problem. Part I. Exact and approximate algorithms
P. 83–100

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