Volume 19, No 2, 2012

M. N. Vyalyi, A. A. Rubtsov
Decidability conditions for problems about automata reading infinite words
P. 3–18

I. A. Davydov 
Tabu search for the discrete (r|p)-centroid problem
P. 19–40

A. V. Eremeev
Genetic algorithm with tournament selection as a local search method
P. 41–54

A. V. Kononov
On a two-machine routing open shop problem on a two-node network
P. 55–75

V. N. Potapov 
Construction of hamiltonian cycles with a given range of directions of edges in the boolean n-dimensional cube
P. 76–84

A. M. Romanov 
On the admissible families of components of hamming codes
P. 85–92

V. V. Shenmaier 
Approximation scheme for one problem of a vector subset choice
P. 93–101

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