Volume 18, 2011

No 1

A. A. Balaghura, O. V. Kuzmin
The enumerative properties of combinatorial partition polynomials
P. 3–14

A. A. Valyuzhenich
Some properties of well-based sequences
P. 15–19

V. T. Dementiev, Yu. V. Shamardin
On a polinomial solving case of decentralized transportation problem
P. 20–26

A. V. Eremeev
On perfect colorings of line graphs
P. 27–40

V. P. Il'ev, S. D. Il'eva, A. A. Navrotskaya
Approximation algorithms for graph approximation problems
P. 41–60

A. V. Kel'manov, S. M. Romanchenko
The approximation algorithm for one problem of searching for subset of vectors
P. 61–69

D. S. Malyshev
Minimal hard classes of graphs for the edge list-ranking problem
P. 70–76

E. A. Monakhova
On an extremal family of circulant networks
P. 77–84

R. Yu. Simanchev, I. V. Urazova
Scheduling unit-time jobs on parallel processors polytope
P. 85–97

No 2

S. V. Avgustinovich, M. A. Lisitsyna
Perfect 2-colorings of transitive cubic graphs
P. 3–17

O. V. Borodin, A. O. Ivanova
2-distance 4-coloring of planar subcubic graphs
P. 18–28

A. V. Dolgushev, A. V. Kel’manov
An approximation algorithm for one problem of cluster analysis
P. 29–40

V. A. Emelichev, V. V. Korotkov
Stability radius bounds for the lexicographic optimum of the vector boolean problem with Savage’s risk criteria
P. 41–50

S. A. Kiselev, N. N. Tokareva
On reduction of key space of the cipher A5/1 and on reversibility of the next-state function for a stream generator
P. 51–63

T. A. Panyukova
Optimal eulerian coverings with ordered enclosing for plane graphs
P. 64–74

I. P. Chukhrov
On kernel and shortest complexes of faces in the unit cube
P. 75–94

No 3

S. V. Avgustinovich, A. J. Vasil’eva, I. V. Sergeeva
Distance regular colorings of the infinite rectangular grid
P. 3–10

E. Kh. Gimadi, V. T. Dementiev
Probabilistic analysis of decentralized version of ne generalization of the assignment problem
P. 11–20

V. M. Deundyak, V. V. Mkrtichan
Research of applying bounds of the information protection scheme based on PS–codes
P. 21–38

A. A. Evdokimov, A. L. Perezhogin
Discrete dynamical systems of a circulant typewith linear functions at vertices of network
P. 39–48

L. A. Zaozerskaya, A. A. Kolokolov, N. G. Gofman
Bounds on average number of iterations of the algorithms for solving some boolean programming problems
P. 49–64

E. O. Kutumova
Cycles of functioning of regulatory circuits of the gene network discrete models
P. 65–75

A. N. Maksimenko
Sat polytopes are faces of polytopes of the traveling salesman problem
P. 76–83

D. S. Malyshev
Analysis of the number of the edges effect on the complexity of the independent set problem solvability
P. 84–88

No 4

V. L. Beresnev, E. N. Goncharov, A. A. Melnikov
Local search over generalized neighborhood for an optimization problem of pseudo-boolean functions
P. 3–16

A. N. Glebov, D. Zh. Zambalaeva
Polynomial algorithm with approximation ratio 7/9 for maximum 2-psp
P. 17–48

G. G. Zabudsky, A. Yu. Lagzdin
Polynomial algorithms for solving the quadratic bottleneck assignment problem on networks
P. 49–65

S. S. Marchenkov
On classificatons of many-valued logic functions by means of automorphism groups
P. 66–76

N. V. Smirnova, S. I. Tarashnina
On a generalization of N-nucleolus in cooperative games
P. 77–93

No 5

V. G. Vizing
Multicriterial graph problems with maxmin criterion
P. 3–10

A. N. Glebov, D. Zh. Zambalaeva
An approximation algorithm for the minimum 2-psp with different weight functions valued 1 and 2
P. 11–37

M. I. Grinchuk, I. S. Sergeev
Thin circulant matrixes and lower bounds on complexity of some boolean operators
P. 38–53

A. V. Eremeev, J. V. Kovalenko
On scheduling with technology based machines grouping
P. 54–79

N. G. Parvatov
About finding of maximal subclones in weak-central clone
P. 80–97

No 6

V. A. Emelichev, V. V. Korotkov
On stability radius of effective solution of vector quadratic boolean bottleneck problem
P. 3–16

A. I. Erzin, R. V. Plotnikov
On maximization of sensor network’s lifetime subject to the limited resources
P. 17–32

E. V. Konstantinova, A. N. Medvedev
Cycles of lentgth 9 in the pancake graph
P. 33–60

D. S. Malyshev, V. E. Alekseev
Boundary classes for the list-ranking problems in subclasses of forests
P. 61–70

E. A. Okolnishnikova
On distributed circuits
P. 71–81

D. B. Khoroshilova
On the parameters of perfect 2-colorings of circulant graphs
P. 82–89

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