Volume 18, No 5, 2011, P. 54-79

UDC 519.7
A. V. Eremeev, J. V. Kovalenko
On scheduling with technology based machines grouping

A problem of multi-product scheduling is considered. Each product can be produced by a family of alternative multi-machine technologies which require more than one machine at the same time. The problem is studied in two versions: with and without preemptions of technologies processing. We formulate mixed integer linear programming models for both versions. Two genetic algorithms are proposed and experimentally tested. The first one is based on a uniform crossover and the second one uses a new optimal recombination operator. Convergence of the proposed algorithms is investigated. Computational complexity of the problem is analyzed.
Ill. 1, tab. 5, bibliogr. 28.

Keywords: scheduling, setup time, technology, integer linear programming, genetic algorithm.

Eremeev Anton Valentinovich 1
Kovalenko Julia Viktorovna 2

1. Omsk department of S. L. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, SB RAS,
13 Pevtsova str., 644099 Omsk, Russia
2. Dostoevsky Omsk State University,
55a Mira ave., 644077 Omsk, Russia
e-mail: eremeev@ofim.oscsbras.ru, juliakoval86@mail.ru

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