Volume 17, No 3, 2010, P. 32-45

UDC 519.8
V. A. Emelichev, A. V. Karpuk, and K. G. Kuzmin
On quasistability of the lexicographic minimax combinatorial problem with decomposing variables

A multicriteria combinatorial sequential optimization problem with minimax criteria is considered. We obtained the formula for the limit level of the vector criteria parameters perturbations, for which all lexicographic optima of the initial problem are preserved.
Bibl. 21.

Keywords: minimax problem, bottleneck problem, multi-objectiveness, sequential optimization, lexicographic set, lexicographic optimum, quasistability, quasistability radius.

Emelichev Vladimir Alekseevich 1
Karpuk Alexey Vasilievich 2

Kuzmin Kirill Gennadievich 1
1. Belarusian State University,
4 Nezavisimosti ave., 220030 Minsk, Belarus
2. BPS-Bank,
6 Muliavin boulevard, 220005 Minsk, Belarus
e-mail: emelichev@tut.by, karalevich@tut.by, kuzminkg@mail.ru

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