Volume 17, No 2, 2010, P. 57-78

UDC 518.9
Ya. B. Pankratova
Solutions of a cooperative differential group pursuit game

In the paper the non-zero sum group pursuit game with m pursuers and one evader is considered. A new approach to finding a solution of this kind of games is proposed. The key point of the paper is to construct cooperative solution of the game (the core) and compare it with an non-cooperative solutions such as Nash equilibria. We prove that there exists nonempty time-consistent core in this game.
Ill. 3, bibl. 14.

Keywords: group pursuit game, Nash equilibrium, differential cooperative game, core, time-consistency.

Pankratova Yaroslava Borisovna 1,2
1. Saint-Petersburg State University
2. International Banking Institute,
60 Nevskii ave., 191011 Saint-Petersburg, Russia
e-mail: yasyap@gmail.com

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