Volume 16, No 5, 2009

A. A. Ageev, E. Kh. Gimadi, . . Kurochkin
The facility location problem with uniform capacities on path graphs is considered
P. 3–18

V. E. Alekseev, S. V. Sorochan
On the entropy minimal hereditary classes of coloured graphs
P. 19–25

O. V. Borodin
Acyclic 3-choosability of plane graphs without cycles of length from 4 to 12
P. 26–33

V. G. Vizing
On one twocriterial graph problem
P. 34–40

D. S. Malyshev
Continued sets of boundary classes of graphs for colorability problems
P. 41–51

I. Yu. Mogilnykh
On nonexistence of some perfect 2-colorings of Johnson graphs
P. 52–68

E. A. Okol'nishnikova
Lower bound for the computation complexity of BCH-codes for branching programs
P. 69–77

K. L. Rychkov
On the complexity of generalized contact circuits
P. 78–87

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