Volume 15, No 4, 2008

V. L. Beresnev
Upper bounds for goal functions of discrete competitive facility location problems
P. 3–24

S. I. Veselov, V. N. Schevchenko
On the minor characteristics of orthogonal integer lattices
P. 25–29

E. Kh. Gimadi, Ju. V. Glazkov, I. A. Rykov
The vector subset problem with integer coordinates in euclidean space with the maximum sum
P. 30–43

P. V. Martugin
Lower bounds for the length of the shortest carefully synchronizing words for two- and three-letter partial automata
P. 44–56

I. A. Rykov
On comparison of the strip packing problem with a certain project scheduling problem
P. 57–73

N. N. Tokareva
Description of $k$-bent functions in four variables
P. 74–83

V. V. Shenmaier
An approximation algorithm for the hierarchical median problem
P. 84–91

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