Volume 15, No 3, 2008

V. P. Bulatov, T. I. Belykh, and E. N. Yaskova
Efficient methods for solving convex programming problems that apply embedding of admissible set in simplexes
P. 3–10

Yu. L. Vasil´ev, S. V. Avgustinovich, and D. S. Krotov
On mobile sets in the binary hypercube
P. 11–21

V. T. Dementiev, A. V. Pyatkin
On decentralized transportation problem
P. 22–30

V. I. Zorkaltsev, M. A. Kiseleva
Nash equilibrium in transport model with quadratic costs
P. 31–42

T. V. Levanova, A. S. Fedorenko
Variable neighborhood search for two-stage facility location problem
P. 43-57

E. A. Monakhova
Optimization of quadruple circulant networks
P. 58–64

Ch. Audet, P. Hansen, and F. Messine
Ranking small regular polygons by area and by perimeter
P. 65–73

V. N. Shevchenko, D. V. Gruzdev
About $f$-vectors of pyramidal triangulations of point configurations
P. 74–90

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