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Fourth Siberian Interdisciplinary Conference

ďMathematical Problems of Space-Time Physics of Complex Systems (STP-2002)Ē




The IV Siberian interdisciplinary conference on mathematical problems of space-time physics of complex systems (STP-2002) is to take place in Novosibirsk at the Sobolev Institute for Mathematics, Siberian division of the Russian Academy of Sciences from 29th to 31st of July 2002.

The STP-2002 Conference will continue the discussion of physical concepts (mathematical models) that was started at the STP-2000 Conference. The main goal of the discussion is to coordinate activities of creating of the theoretical basis for complex, interdisciplinary study of the Universe genome (see Report of the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for STP-2002 Prof. M.M.Lavrentiev).

Conference STP-2002 Coordinators:

        Hot points in physics - V.M.Dubovik dubovik@thsun1.jinr.ru

        Ontocosmism: cosmos as the limitlessly developing whole; Science philosophy - Yu.G.Kosarev              kosar@math.nsc.ru

        Space-time problems - A.K.Guts guts@univer.omsk.su

        Celestial sphere of a terrain observer as his world of events Ė I.A.Eganova eganova@math.nsc.ru

        Retardics  - O.D.Jefimenko ODJEF@wvnvaxa.wvnet.edu

        Electrodynamics  - I.A.Shelaev shelaev@lhe.jinr.ru

        How to overcome Wave-corpuscular duality puzzle - M.Gryzinski gryzinski@ipj.gov.pl

        Resonance synchronization as a foundation for the complex systems existence - F.A.Gareev gareev@thsun1.jinr.ru

        Mayan Knowledge and search for laws of Universe existence: modern analysis and interpretation - J.Argüelles chilambalam@imagina.com


The Conference STP-2002 discussion will continue from 1st to 7th of August 2002 in unofficial, informal setting on Altai (tourist resort).


If you are going to take part in the Conference, please, send (before 2nd of April!) to: fpv-2000@math.nsc.ru in the following format:

1.      Your first name, surname.

2.      Your Organization; e-mail, fax, phone.

3.      Sphere of your scientific interests.

4.      Your participation: listener, opponent, reporter (survey, information report, factual report, expert report).

5.      Your reportís title.

6.      Coordinatorís recommendation or brief summary of your report.


All your questions concerning the STP-2002 Conference

you may address to Irene A. Eganova  fpv-2000@math.nsc.ru


                                               Prof. M.M.Lavrentiev,   

Chairman of the Organizing Committee for STP-2002