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Desember, 16 2020   New deadlines for submitting articles to special issues:
                                         Optimization Letters                                                    January 10, 2021
                                         International Journal of Artificial Intelligence         January 10, 2021
                                         Discrete Ananlisys and Operations Research          January 10, 2021

• September, 28 2020  In the section Special Issues, information about the rules and deadlines has appeared.

September, 21 2020   CCIS volume 1275 of the conference proceedings is out of print.
The free access for the conference participants is valid until October, 21 2020

•  September, 4 2020   The September newsletter with information about the MOTOR 20202  was released on the IFORS website.    ifors-news-sept2020.pdf

•  July, 22  2020    Video of the Opening sessions,   Round Table session "Industry applications",  and Closing session
•  July, 10  2020    In sections  Invited Speakers   and  Tutorials   there are video of all plenary lectures and tutorials 

•  July,  3  2020     ZOOM link to Organizing Committee   July, 6 - July, 10      12:00 - 21:00  (GMT+7)
•  July, 3 2020       Test Session  July, 3 - July, 5   13:00 - 15:00 (GMT+7) 

•  June, 26  2020   ZOOM manual for participants  (English)  (Russian)                             

•  June, 17 2020     LNCS volume 12095 of the conference proceedings is out of print.
The free access for the conference participants is valid until  end of July 2020

 •  June, 15 2020   Technical program are published. Schedule compiled in Novosibirsk time (GMT +7).  
Zoom links will be available on session days.

•  May, 11   2020
Dear colleagues,
Due to the difficult situation all around the world related to the COVID-19 pandemic, MOTOR 2020 Conference will only take place online, via Zoom  on the originally planned dates: July, 6-10 2020.
The conference is now free to attend.

•  April, 21  2020
Dear colleagues,
In spite of the COVID-19, we sure that the MOTOR 2020 international conference will be held on time.
We understand that this conference is important for lively communication of colleagues.
We hope that many participants will be able to come to Novosibirsk and take part at the conference.
Those who cannot come will get online access to sessions, including making own presentation,
answering questions, and discussions.
The LNCS and CCIS Proceedings will be published and all participants will get free access to these papers.
We hope for the best and try to support our scientific community!

•  March, 27  2020:          
List of papers accepted to LNCS Conference proceedings
Camera-ready version:   April,  15  2020   Copyright form LNCS
List of papers accepted to CCIS Conference proceedings
Camera-ready version: May, 31 2020   Copyright form CCIS

March, 11  2020:          Starting the registration on MOTOR Optimization Contest 2020 - a free open competition.
February, 13  2020:      Full paper submission extended to March, 1
• January, 21  2020:        Abstract submission extended to February, 14 
December, 11  2019:   Special Streams Announcement 
October, 2  2019:         The first Call for Papers 

MOTOR 2020

International conference “Mathematical Optimization Theory and Operations Research” (MOTOR 2020)  
will be held on July 6-10, 2020, near Novosibirsk Scientific Center, Russia, at the Resort Hotel “Sosnovka” in a picturesque pine forest on the Ob River bay.
The aims of the conference is to bring together a wide research community in the fields of mathematical programming and global optimization, discrete optimization, complexity theory and combinatorial algorithms, games and their applications in relevant practical problems of operations research, mathematical economy, and data analysis.
MOTOR 2020 is the second international conference, bringing together four well-known Russian and international conferences which were held in Ural, Siberia, and the Far East for a long time:
• Baikal International Triennial School Seminar on Methods of Optimization and Their Applications
 • Mathematical Programming and Applications
• Discrete Optimization and Operations Research 
• Optimization Problems and their Applications

Previous meteengs MOTOR 2019 was held on July 2019 near Ekaterinburg.

Main topics

• theory of mathematical optimization
• integer programming and combinatorial optimization 
• global optimization, stochastic integer programming, multi-objective programming
• computational complexity of combinatorial optimization problems
• approximation algorithms and schemes  
• heuristics and metaheuristics for decision making and artificial intelligence
• game theory, mathematical economics, and multilevel programming
• optimization in machine learning and data analysis
• applications in operations research: scheduling, routing, facility location, packing and cutting, supply chain, etc. 

Key dates

• Abstract submission
• Full paper submission  
• Notification of acceptance  
• Camera ready version LNCS  
• Camera ready version CCIS

• Conference dates 

January 17    February 14     2020
February 14  March 1 2020
March 20          2020
April   15           2020
May   31            2020
July, 6-10,         2020


Yury Kochetov
Organizing Committee MOTOR 2020
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics
Akademika Koptyuga aven., 4   Novosibirsk. 630090. Russia
Phone (383) 329-75-83
ZOOM link to Organizing Committee July, 3 - July, 6 12:00 - 17:00 (GMT+7)