On generalized Chernikov groups

Senashov V.I.

{\sc Definition}. {\it A periodic almost locally solvable group with a primary
minimality condition is said to be a generalized Cher\-ni\-kov group.}
The term "generalized Cher\-ni\-kov groups" was first developed in [1].
Its use can be justified by the fact that according
to the Theorem of Ya.D. Polovitskii [2], the generalized
Cher\-ni\-kov group $G$ is an extension of the direct product
$A$ of quasicyclic $p$-groups with a finite number of multipliers
for any prime number $p$ by the locally normal group $B$, and each
of the $G$ elements are element-wise nonpermutable only with the finite
number of Sylow primary subgroups from $A$. For a comparison,
the Cher\-ni\-kov group is a finite extension of the direct product of
quasicyclic groups taken in the finite number.
Now we proved the next theorem which generalizes the results from [3,4].
{\sc Theorem.} {\it Let $G$ be a group without involutions. Then $G$
has a generalized Cher\-ni\-kov periodic part if and only if it is
conjugately biprimitively finite and the normalizers of any finite
non-trivial subgroup has a generalized Cher\-ni\-kov periodic part.}
Then $G$ has a generalized Cher\-ni\-kov part
Examples by Novikov, Adjan and Ol'shanskii [5,6] prove that in our
theorem the condition that $G$ is conjugately biprimitively finite cannot be
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