Invited speakers of the Mal'tsev Meeting '20

Fifteen speakers have already confirmed their talks. They are Marat M. Arslanov, Nikolai A. Bazhenov, Ekaterina B. Fokina, Sergei S. Goncharov, Iskander Sh. Kalimullin, Viktor D. Mazurov, Andrei S. Morozov, Andre Nies, Bruno Poizat, Vitalii A. Roman'kov, Andrea Sorbi, Katrin Tent, Andre Scedrov, Ivan P. Shestakov, Evgenii P. Vdovin (two more speakers sent their preliminary agreements to attend and deliver their lectures).

Anil Nerode is going to give a Skype video presentation.

Longer lections (so-called "invited talks at sections") will be delivered by Anatolii S. Kondrat'ev (group theory), Bektur S. Baizhanov, Alena A. Stepanova (model theory and universal algebra).

Updated January 14, 2020