A.I. Mal'tsev (1909-1967)

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Mal'tsev Meeting

Novosibirsk, November 21-25, 2016

First announcement

In 2016, Professors Nikolai Romanovskii and Valerii Churkin celebrate their jubilees.

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS and the Novosibirsk State University invite to participate in the "MAL"TSEV MEETING" and to contribute. The meeting will be held in Novosibirsk (Russia) on November 21-25, 2016.

The programme will consist of invited talks (approx. 45 minutes) and contributions in sections (approx. 10-20 minutes). The topics include (but are not limited to) computability, groups, rings, models, non-classical logics, other related areas as well as applications of algebra and mathematical logic in computer science.

The programme committe is headed by the Academicians of RAS Yurii L. Ershov and Sergei S. Goncharov.

The list of plenary lecturers includes Ivan Belousov (Ekaterinburg), Oleg Bogopolski (Duesseldorf), Valerii Churkin (Novosibirsk), Fedor Dudkin (Novosibirsk), Mariya Grechkoseeva (Novosibirsk), Nurlan Kogabaev (Novosibirsk), Larisa Maksimova (Novosibirsk), Oliver Mathieu (Lyon), Alexei Miasnikov (Hoboken, NJ), Alexander Olshanskii (Nashville, TN), Fedor Pakhomov (Moscow), Vladimir Remeslennikov (Omsk), Nikolai Romanovskii (Novosibirsk), Vitalii Roman'kov (Omsk), Artem Shevlyakov (Omsk), Aleksei Shlyopkin (Krasnoyarsk), Stanislav Speranskii (St.-Peterburg), Nikolai Vavilov (St.-Peterburg).

As usual, every talk at the Mal'tsev Meeting is considered as a talk at the "Algebra and Logic" seminar. Articles on reported results can be submitted to the journal with the same title.

The deadline for abstract submission and hotel reservation was November 1, 2016.

If you have questions concerning participation, please, do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated November 16, 2016