A. I. Mal'tsev (1909-1967)

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Mal'tsev Meeting

Novosibirsk, October 11-14, 2011

Visa application

Dear participants of the conference,

please, notice that every foreigner entering Russia must have a Russian visa (except for those from countries having agreements about visa-free visits).

You can get a visa in any Russian Consulate. For this, we must prepare a special invitation which will be sent to you by ordinary mail. Unfortunately, we cannot prepare this invitation ourselves. Only special state offices can create it, and this requires considerable time (usually about 45 days). We need

  • a scanned copy of the first page of your passport (where the photograph is placed),
  • your answers to the questions below:

(1) Family name
(2) Name
(3) Other names (middle initial)
(4) Sex
(5) Date of birth
(6) Place of birth (country, region, city)
(7) Citizenship (country)
(8) Passport number
(9) Passport issued (date)
(10) Passport expires (date)
(11) Affiliation
(12) Position
(13) Work address
(14) Current place of living (country, region, city)
(15) Arrival in Russia (lower estimate, for your visa)
(16) Departure from Russia (upper estimate)
(17) Cities that you plan to visit in Russia (possibly, Moscow (transit) and Novosibirsk)
(18) Country and city (with a Russian Consulate) where you plan to apply for your visa

NOTE: The normal situation is that the dates in items 15 and 16 are between October 7 and 18. In addition, please check that you passport is valid until April 14, 2012 (6 monthes after you departure from Russia). If it is not, then you have to change it. We strongly recommend you to have a medical insurance valid for Russia.

Please, send any questions about visas, your questionnaires, and scanned copies to Pavel Alaev.

If it is more comfortable for you, please, send the postal address the invitation should be sent to beforehand. Otherwise, we will contact your later. When the invitation reaches us, we immediately send you its copy by e-mail (sometimes the copy suffices for starting the application process).

Last update: April 29, 2011