A. I. Mal'tsev (1909-1967)

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Mal'tsev Meeting

Novosibirsk, October 11-14, 2011

Invited speakers

K. Ambos-Spies (Heidelberg, Germany), On the strongly bounded Turing degrees of the computably enumerable sets (abstract),
M. Arslanov (Kazan', Russia),
S. Badaev (Almaty, Kazakhstan), Computable numberings in the Ershov hierarchy,
W. Calvert (Carbondale IL, USA; Chennai, India), The distance function on a computable graph (abstract),
Yu. Ershov (Novosibirsk, Russia),
E. Fokina (Vienna, Austria; Novovsibirsk, Russia), Categoricity spectra of computable structures,
A. Frolov (Kazan', Russia), Algorithmic properties of countable linear orderings,
A. Gavryushkin (Irkutsk, Russia), Strongly computable models of small theories (abstract),
S. Godunov (Novosibirsk, Russia), Paradoxes of computable mathematics and spectral portraits of matrices (abstract),
S. Goncharov (Novosibirsk, Russia),
M. Grechkoseeva (Novosibirsk, Russia), Orders of elements in coverings of finite simple groups (abstract),
V. Harizanov (Washington DC, USA), Delta-0-2-isomorphisms of effective equivalence structures (abstract),
I. Kalimullin (Kazan', Russia),
K. Keimel (Darmstadt, Germany), Betting, imprecise probabilities and Lukasiewicz logic (abstract),
N. Khisamiev (Ust'-Kamenogorsk, Kazakhstan), Constructive nilpotent groups,
B. Khoussainov (Auckland, New Zealand), Computably enumerable finitely generated groups and semigroups,
E. Khukhro (Novosibirsk, Russia), Frobenius groups of automorphisms with fixed-point-free kernels (abstract),
J. Knight (Notre Dame IN, USA), Integer parts and floor functions (abstract),
M. Korovina and O. Kudinov (Novosibirsk, Russia), Computability on structures and topological spaces,
A. Makhnev (Ekaterinburg, Russia), Graphs whose neighbourhoods of vertices are strongly regular triangleless graphs, and their automorphism groups,
A. Mantsivoda (Irkutsk, Russia), Theory GES and a single information space,
A. Mel'nikov (Auckland, New Zealand; Novosibirsk, Russia), Effective properties of abelian groups,
A. Morozov (Novosibirsk, Russia),
A. Nikitin (Novosibirsk, Russia), Logical educational courses (with B. Drobotun and S. Goncharov),
S. Odintsov (Novosibirsk, Russia),
D. Pal'chunov (Novosibirsk, Russia), Model theory for expanded Boolean algebras,
V. Puzarenko (Novosibirsk, Russia), Fixed points of the jump operator,
V.N. Remeslennikov (Omsk, Russia), On universal equivalency of nilpotent algebras and groups,
V. Roman'kov (Omsk, Russia), Algorithmic theory of solvable groups,
V. Rybakov (Manchester, UK; Krasnoyarsk, Russia), Writing out `best' unifiers in modal and temporal logics. Consequences for problem of admissibility (abstract),
A. Sorbi (Siena, Italy), Positive equivalence relations and reducibility (abstract),
S. Vasil'ev (Moscow, Russia), Representation and processing of knowledge in trace modelling tutoring systems (abstract).

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