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Maltsev Meeting

Novosibirsk, November 14-16, 2006

Sobolev Institute of Mathematics and Novosibirsk State University invite to the traditional international conference "Maltsev Meeting". The organisation of the conference is partially supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

This meeting will be held in Novosibirsk, Russia, November 14-16, 2006.

Programme Committee is headed by Academician Yu.L. Ershov. Members of the Committee are Professors S.S. Goncharov (vice-chairman), V.D. Mazurov, L.A. Bokut', L.L. Maksimova, A.S. Morozov (head of the organising team), D.E. Pal'chunov, and E.A. Palyutin.

Programme of the meeting will consist of invited talks and contributions in four sections (mathematical logic, group theory, ring theory, and algebraic and logical methods for information technologies).

The invited speakers are

  • E.I. Khukhro, Large characteristic subgroups and ideals satisfying multilinear commutator identities,
  • S.G. Kolesnikov, Automorphisms of Sylow p-subgroups of the Chevalley groups over the ring Zpm,
  • M.V. Korovina and O.V. Kudinov, Semantical approach to computability over reals ,
  • S.O. Kuznetsov, Concept lattices and their application in data analysis,
  • A.A. Makhnev, Automorphisms of the Tierwilliger graphs with neighbourhoods of vertices isomorphic to the Hoffman--Singleton graph,
  • V.B. Novosel'tsev, Decidable formal theories with almost first-order expressive power,
  • S.P. Odintsov and H. Wansing, Constructive modalities and description logic,
  • S.Yu. Podzorov, Rogers semilattices,
  • V.G. Puzarenko, Large countable Omega-structures,
  • P.A. Schreiner, Algorithms for automatic recognition of properties of non-classical logics,
  • I.P. Shestakov, Tame and wild automorphisms of free algebras,
  • A.V. Zavarnitsine, An application of modular representations to the problem of recognition of groups by spectrum,
  • M.V. Zaitsev, Identities of algebras and their numerical invariants,
  • A.N. Zubkov, Pseudocompact algebras, highest weight categories, and representations of general linear supergroups.

Traditionally, each talk presented at "Maltsev Meeting" is considered as a presentation of results at the Algebra and Logic seminar. So, articles on reported results can be submitted to Algebra and Logic.

If you have any questios concerning the conference, please, contact us

by usual mail
A.V. Kravchenko
"Maltsev Meeting"
pr. Akad. Koptyuga, 4
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS
630090, Novosibirsk, RUSSIA

by phone +7 383 333 28 94,
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