dedicated to the memory of S.L.Sobolev (1908-1989)


The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, the Institute of Numerical Mathematics and Mathematical Geophysics, the Joint Institute of Informatics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, together with Novosibirsk State University, Novosibirsk State Technical University, and the Siberian Society for Promotion of Science and Education convene the International Congress INPRIM--98. The Congress will take place at Novosibirsk Akademgorodok from June 22 to June 27, 1998. The working languages of the Congress are English and Russian. The plenary lectures will be accompanied by simultaneous translation. The slide-projectors will be provided for presentation of papers. The Chairman of the Program Committee is M.M.Lavrent'ev. The Vice-Chairmens are Yu.G.Reshetnyak and L.A.Bokut'.

The Sections of the Congress and the Organizers of Sections are as follows:

  1. Differential Equations.

  2. (M.M.Lavrent'ev, S.K.Godunov and V.S.Belonosov )
  3. Geometry and Analysis.

  4. (Yu.G.Reshetnyak and S.K.Vodop'yanov )
  5. Numerical Methods.

  6. (G.I.Marchuk, V.P.Il'in, V.V.Shaidurov, Yu.S.Zav'yalov
    and A.I.Khisamutdinov )
  7. Cubature Formulas and Solutions of Integral Equations.

  8. (G.A.Mikhailov and V.L.Vaskevich )
  9. Mathematical Geophysics.

  10. (A.S.Alekseev, S.V.Gol'din and G.M.Tsibul'chik )
  11. Mathematical Simulation and Modelling.

  12. (A.N.Konovalov and N.M.Gorskii )
  13. Discrete Analysis and Cybernetics.

  14. (V.L.Beresnev and A.A.Evdokimov )
  15. Inverse Problems for Differential Equations.

  16. (M.M.Lavrent'ev, V.G.Romanov and V.P.Golubyatnikov )
  17. Nonclassical Equations with Partial Derivatives.

  18. (V.N.Vragov and A.I.Kozhanov )
  19. Mechanics.

  20. (B.D.Annin, .A.Lugovtsov, P.I.Plotnikov and A.I.Rylov )
  21. Integration of Higher Education and Fundamental Science.

  22. (A.S.Vostrikov, S.V.Gol'din, N.S.Dikanskii and S.S.Goncharov )
  23. Mathematical Models.
  24. Mathematical Methods in Chemistry.

  25. (V.I.Bykov, V.I.Drobyshevich,V.I.Elokhin and T.I.Zelenyak )
  26. Algebra, Computer Algebra and Mathematical Logic.

  27. (L.A.Bokut', V.N.Remeslenikov, V.P.Shapeev and B.I.Zil'ber )
  28. Theory and Methodology of Creating Informatics Systems.

  29. (I.V.Pottosin, V.A.Nepomnyaschii and V.N.Kasyanov )
  30. Informatics in Education and Methods of Teaching Mathematics.

  31. (I.M.Bobko, A.A.Nikitin, E.G.Skibitskii, A.Zh.Zhafyarov
    and Yu.M.Zybarev )
  32. Methods of Discovering of the Regularyties.

  33. (N.G.Zagoruiko and G.S.Lbov )
  34. Computer Graphics.

  35. (A.M.Matsokin )
  36. Information Theory.

  37. (B.Ya.Ryabko and A.M.Fedotov  )
  38. Parallel Computations and Neural  Networks.

  39. (O.L.Bandman , A.N.Gorban'
    and V.E.Malyshkin )
  40. Mathematical Biology.

  41. (V.A.Ratner )
  42. Engineering Mathematics.

  43. (A.S.Vostrikov, V.I.Denisov and G.S.Migirenko )
  44. Mathematical Economics.

  45. (V.A.Vasil'ev and A.V.Sidorov )
  46. Economics.

  47. (V.V.Kuleshov, V.D.Marshak and V.I.Suslov )
  48. Ecology.

  49. (M.M.Lavrent'ev  and Yu.P.Gichev  phone: 7(3832)358730, fax: 7(3832)354851 )
  50. Mathematical Methods in Humanities.

  51. (N.V.Belyakin and L.N.Pobedin)
  52. Stability, Control and Optimization

  53. (S.N.Vassilyev and O.V. Vasil'ev)
Chairman of the Program
Committee of the Congress
Academician M.M.Lavrent'ev