Registration and abstract submission are available by e-mail:

In case if you need a Russian visa, please send us your registration form and scanned copy of your passport. The registration form and passport copy is needed for the preparation of an official invitation for you to visit Russia. We would inform you that the invitation is issued by special state authorities. Sobolev Institute of Mathematics just submits the data to be processed. Please, check that you passport is valid until September, 2020 (6 months after you departure from Russia).

Registration form:

 1. Family name.
 2. Name.
 3. Other names (middle initial).
 4. Sex.
 5. Date of birth.
 6. Place of birth (country, region, city).
 7. Citizenship (country).
 8. Passport number.
 9. Passport issued (date).
10. Passport expires (date).
11. Affiliation.
12. Position.
13. Contact phone number.
14. Postal address of your department.
15. Postal address of your place of residence (country, region, city).
16. Date of arrival in Russia (we expect about February, 23).
17. Date of departure from Russia (we expect about March, 1).
18. Please, indicate if you are going to visit other cities in Russia (different from Novosibirsk).
19. Country and city (with a Russian Consulate) where you plan to apply for your visa.


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