The Sobolev Institute of Mathematics of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Novosibirsk State University organize the International Conference "Contemporary Analysis and Geometry". The Conference will be held in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok from 14 to 20 September, 2009.

Program Committee:


S. P. Novikov (Russia)
Yu. G. Reshetnyak (Russia)


M. Agranovsky (Israel)
L. Ambrosio (Italy)
W. Ballmann (Germany)
Z. Balogh (Switzerland)
H. Begehr (Germany)
O. V. Besov (Russia)
J. Ball (Great Britain)
B. Bojarski (Poland)
Yu. D. Burago (Russia)
V. I. Burenkov (Great Britain)
E. M. Chirka (Russia)
V. N. Dubinin (Russia)
T. Iwaniec (USA)
M. Gromov (USA)
S. S. Kutateladze (Russia)
A. Laptev (Great Britain, Sweden)
V. G. Maz'ya (Sweden)
G. Martin (New Zeland)
S. V. Matveev (Russia)
A. D. Mednykh (Russia)
H. M. Reimann (Switzerland)
V. D. Stepanov (Russia)
I. A. Taimanov (Russia)
A. Yu. Vesnin (Russia)
S. K. Vodopyanov (Russia)

Research directions:

Riemannian Geometry in the Large and Topology.
Quasiconformal Analysis and Function Spaces.
Geometric Analysis.
Variational Problems and Partial Differential Relations.


The conference program will consist of plenary lectures, short (20 min.) communications and poster sessions.
Official languages:
Russian and English.


Researchers interested in participation should fill and sent by e-mail to angeom@math.nsc.ru the registration form before June 15, 2009 and an abstract before July 1, 2009.

Registration fee for participants from Russia and CIS amounts to 1000 roubles; for participants from other countries, it amounts to 1500 RUB.


Abstracts of the talks and the posters accepted for the Conference Program are to be published in the electronic form on the conference website.

Rules for preparation of abstracts:

1. Abstracts should be submitted in Russian or English.

2. Abstracts should be sent by e-mail to angeom@math.nsc.ru before July 1, 2009.
The size of an abstract must not exceed one page.
Abstracts should be prepared as an LaTeX-file in accordance with the abstract template on the conference website.

Please, attach a pdf copy of your abstract together with the original LaTeX-file.
Do not use your own macro-definitions and automatic enumerations.
Abstracts must be compiled by LaTeX without error and overfull warnings.

3. Names of the files (*.tex, *.pdf and images) must consist of the last name and initials of the main speaker in English font (e.g., IvanovI.tex and IvanovI.pdf for an abstract by I. I. Ivanov).

Organizing Committee reserves its right to decline the abstracts received after
deadline or prepared with violation of the indicated rules.


Separate lectures, communications and posters will be published in the Proceedings.


Participants of the conference will be lodged in the hotels of Akademgorodok.
Hotel rates:

"Zolotaya Dolina" Hotel:  single room 1500 RUB, double room 1500 RUB per night.

Important dates:

June 15, 2009. Deadline for registration.
July 1, 2009. Deadline for submission of abstracts.
August 1, 2009. Deadline for notification to authors of acceptance or rejection of their contributions.
September 13, 2009. Arrival Day.
September 14, 2009. Opening Ceremony.


Sobolev Institute of Mathematics SB RAS
pr. Akademika V. A. Koptyuga, 4
Novosibirsk, 630090

Phone: +7 (383) 3-634-534 (Sergei Vodopyanov)
Fax: +7 (383) 333-25-98
E-mail: angeom@math.nsc.ru

Organizing Committee:


Sergei Vodopyanov


Aleksandr Egorov
Mikhail Fedoruk
Daria Isangulova
Yaroslav Kopylov
Alexandre Romanov
Andrei Vesnin