A. Efimov, S. Galkin. Introduction to the category theory.

T. Milanov. Lecture 1: Frobenius manifolds in singularity theory;

             Lecture 2: Mirror symmetry for orbifold quotients of the Fermat type Calabi--Yau hypersurfaces;

             Lecture 3: Analytic continuation of Gromov--Witten invariants.

A. Mironov. Integrable systems and algebraic geometry.

T. Panov. Geometry and topology of toric varieties.

V. Przyjalkowski. Weighted complete intersections.

A. Takahashi. Singularities and Mirror Symmetry.

K. Shramov. Severi-Brauer varieties and their automorphisms.

A. Szenes. Localization techniques and the structure of the cohomology ring of the moduli spaces of Higgs bundles.


Short talks:

A. Kazhymurat. Geometry of Lagrangian submanifolds in CP^2.

M. Ovcharenko. On Hamiltonian-minimal isotropic homogeneous tori in C^n and CP^n.


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