Program (226 Kb)



S. Barannikov. Lecture 1: Invariants of Morse complexes, persistent homology and their applications;

              Lecture 2: Derived deformation theory, extended moduli spaces and solutions to WDVV equations;

              Lecture 3: Introduction to semi-infinite Hodge structures.

C. Brav. Derived deformation theory in non-commutative algebraic geometry.

B. Kim. Gromov-Witten Theory and GLSM.

D. Osipov. Arithmetic of algebraic curves.

I. Taimanov. Introduction to Integrable Surfaces.


Short talks:

S. Abramyan. Higher Whitehead products in moment-angle complexes and substitution of simplicial complexes.

G. Chernykh. SU-bordism and the ring of c_1-spheric bordism.

V. Kulikov. Hypergeometric series and Mellin-Barnes integrals for zeros of the system of Laurent polynomials.

I. Levin. Isomorphism of Nakajima and Slodowy varieties.

K. Loginov. Semistable degenerations of Fano varieties.

G. Papayanov. Reconstruction of a Lie algebra from its universal enveloping.

D. Tyurin. Milnor K-groups and Kahler differentials.

E. Zhuravleva. Higher Whitehead products and L-infinity structures in toric topology .


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