Workshop Computable models and numberings
Novosibirsk, 6-11 August, IM SB RAS, 417 room


Monday, 6th

10.00-10.50 Yu. L. Ershov, Rogers semilattices of finite families

11.00-11.50 J. Knight, Categoricity of computable infinitary theories (Abstract; report)

12.00-12.50 C. Maher, Embedding problems in computable model theory

13.00-13.50 A. Stukachev, Effective reducibilities on structures

Thuesday, 7th

10.00-10.50 S. M. Quinn, Turing computable embeddings

11.00-11.50 E. Fokina, Index sets of computable structures

12.00-12.50 J. Wallbaum, Limitwise monotonic functions

13.00-13.50 M. Korovina, Safety properties verifications of Pfaffian Dynamics

Wednesday, 8th

10.00-10.50 S. Goncharov, Applications of computable numberings in CMT

11.00-11.50 S. Badaev, Computable numberings in the hierarchy of Ershov

12.00-12.50 O. Kudinov, Some index sets in Computable Algebra

Thursday, 9th
Discussions and joint researchs
Friday, 10th

10.00-10.50 P. Alaev, Thin computable Boolean algebras

11.00-11.50 A. Kaņh, Boolean algebras and Ketonen invariants

12.00-12.50 A. Frolov, Ņomputable linear orderings, degree spectra and ? -categoricity

13.00-13.50 N. Kogabaev, The class of projective planes is not computable

Saturday, 11th

10.00-10.50 A. Gavryushkin, Computable models spectra of Eurenfeucht theories

11.00-11.50 A. Melnikov, Degree spectra of torsion free abelian groups

12.00-12.50 A. Revenko, Automatic linear orders

13.00-13.50 E. Pavlovsky, Estimations of algorithmic complexity