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Complete List of Publications

  1. Some problems concerned with large deviations of the maximum of sums of independent identically distributed random variables.// Soviet.Math.Dokl. v.121 (1958) N1, P.13--15 (Select.transl.math.statist.probab. - 1962. - Vol.2. - P.1-4).
  2. Limit theorems on the distributions of maxima of sums of bounded lattice random variables. // Theory Probab.Appl. - 1959. - Vol.4, N4. - P.478-479.
  3. Limits theorems on the distributions of maxima of sums of bounded lattice random variables.I.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1960. - Vol.5. - P.137-171.
  4. Limits theorems on the distributions of maxima of sums of bounded lattice random variables.II.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1960. - Vol.5. - P.377-392.
  5. Large deviations of the maximum of latticed bounded random variables.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1961. - Vol.6, N 2. - P.244-245.
  6. The problem of two samples.// Theory Probab. Appl. - 1961. - Vol.6.- P.248.
  7. On the distribution of maximum of sequentional sums of random variables.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1961. - Vol.6. - P.375-376.
  8. Local theorems and moments for maxima of sums of bounded lattice components.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1962. - Vol.6. - P.99-101.
  9. Asymptotic representations of generating functions and limit theorems in boundary value problems.// Soviet Math.Dokl. - 1962. - Vol.3 - P.414-414.
  10. Asymptotic expansions and deviations in two samples problem.// Proc. of 6 Meeting on Probab. and Statistics. Vilnius. - 1962. - P.5-6.
  11. On probabilistic statement of two economical problems.// Soviet.Math.Dokl.- 1962. - Vol.146, N5. - P.983-986.
  12. On the two-sample problem.// Izvestia Ac.Nauk. Math. - 1962. - Vol.26, N4. - P.605- 624. (Select.transl.math.statist.probab. - 1965. - Vol.5 - P.285-307.)
  13. Some theorems on non-latticed random walk // Theory Probab.Appl. - 1962.- Vol.7, N2. - P.170-184.
  14. New limit theorems in boundary problems for sums of independent terms.// Siberian Math.J. - 1962. - Vol.3, N5. - P.645-694. (Select.transl.math. statist. probab. - 1965. - Vol.5. - P.315-372.)
  15. On large deviations in boundary problems // Theory probab.appl. - 1962. - Vol.7, N 4. - P.461-463.
  16. On the first overjump distribution.// Proc. of 6 Meeting on Probab. and Statistics. Vilnius. - 1962. - P.7-21.
  17. Asymptotic representations in certain problems for two-dimensional random walks // Soviet Math.Dokl. - 1963. - Vol.151, N1. - P.11-14 (With B.A.Rogozin).
  18. Boundary-value problems for two dimensional random walk.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1963. - Vol.8, N1. - P.114- 115 (With B.A.Rogozin).
  19. Remarks to V.V.Ozils paper.// Proc.of Polytech.Institute, Riga. - 1963. - N1. - P.21-23.
  20. Some results of analysis of large deviations in boundary problems // Soviet.Math.Dokl. - 1963. - Vol.151, N2. - P.247-250.
  21. On the probabilities of large deviations in boundary-value problems with arbitrary boundaries.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1963. - Vol.8, N1.- P.114-115.
  22. On discrete service systems // Theory Probab.Appl. - 1963. - Vol.8, N3. - P.251-263.
  23. A Tauberian theorems and some its applications.// Proc. of 7 Meeting on Probab. and Stat.Tbilisy. - 1963. - P.7-8.
  24. Tables for Smirnov test of homoginiuty of two samples.// Novosibirsk. - 1964. - P.1-139 (With N.Markova, N.Sycheva).
  25. Analysis of large deviations in boundary-value problems with arbitrary boundaries.I.// Siberian Math.J. - 1964. - Vol.5, N2. - P.153-289. (Select. transl.math.statist.probab. - 1966. - Vol.6. - P.218-256.)
  26. Analysis of large deviations in boundary-value problems with arbitrary boundaries.II.// Siberian Math.J. - 1964. - Vol.5, N4. - P.750-751. (Select.transl.math.statist.probab. - 1966. - Vol.6. - P.257-274.)
  27. Asymptotical methods in queueing theory.// Proc.of Winter Meeting in Probab. and Statistics. Ushgorod. - 1964. - P.3-40.
  28. Boundary value problems for some two-dimensional random walks.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1964. - Vol.9, N3. - P.401-430. - (With B.A.Rogozin).
  29. Remarks on Wiener's and Blackwell's theorems.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1964.- Vol.9, N2.- P.331-343.
  30. Some problems on governed random processes.// Siberian Math.J.- 1964.- Vol.5,- P.996-1006.
  31. Some limit theorems in queueing theory.I // Theory Probab.Appl. - 1965.- Vol.9, N4.- P.608-625.
  32. Limit theorems for multi-channel queueing systems in heavy traffic.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1964.- Vol.9, N2.- P.398-399.
  33. Some limit theorems in queueing theory.II : Multi- channels systems.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1965.- Vol.10, N3.- P.409-437.
  34. On the first passage time for one class of processes with independent increments.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1965.- Vol.10, N2.- P.360-364.
  35. On the results of asymptotic analysis in problems with boundaries.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1965.- Vol.10, N2.- P.255-266. - (With V.S.Koroljuk).
  36. On the central limit theorem in multidimensional case.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1965.- Vol.10, N1.- P.61-69.
  37. Statistically optimal methods of stenocardy diagnosis.// Proc. of 1 Novosibirsk conference on Math. methods in biology and medicine. Novosibirsk.- 1965.- P.61-68.- (With K.Buteiko, N.Zaslavski, N.Cycheva).
  38. Asimptotical analysis of some queueing systems.// Theory Prob.Appl.- 1966.- Vol.11, N4.- P.675-682.
  39. Some limit theorems on the distribution of functionals of processes asymptotically close to Markov processes.// Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1966.- Vol.169, N.3. - P.507-510.
  40. On conditions of convergence to diffusion processes and on asymptotic method in queueing theory.// Proc. of Math. Congress, Invided talks, Moscow.- 1966.- P.550-554. (Amer.Math.Soc., Transl.ser.II. 1968, Vol.70, P.12-15.)
  41. On A.Skorohod's book "Random Processes with Independent Inereaments".// Theory Prob.Appl.- 1966.- Vol.11, N3 - P.550-554.- (With S.Nagaev, B.Rogozin).
  42. Boundary-value problems for random walks and large deviations in functional spaces.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1967.- Vol.12, N4.- P.635-654.
  43. On limit laws for service processes in multi- channel systems.// Siber.Math.J.- 1967.- Vol.8, N5.- P.983-1004.
  44. On the convergence to diffusion processes.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1967.- Vol.12, N3.- P.458-482.
  45. On convergence of weakly dependent processes to the Wiener process.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1967.- Vol.12, N2.- P.193-221.
  46. Some inequalities for sums of multidimensional random variables.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1968.- Vol.13, N1.- P.155-159.
  47. Some renewal theorems and their applications.// Siber.Math.J.- 1968.- Vol.9, N2.- P.249-254.
  48. On asymptotically optimal non parametric criteria. // Theory Probab.Appl.- 1968.- Vol.13, N3.- P.385-418.- (With N.M.Sycheva).
  49. On service processes in multi-channel systems.// Theory Probab.Appl. - 1968.- Vol.13, N1.- P.180--183.
  50. On the convergence conditions to diffusion processes and asymptotic methods of queueing theory.// Amer.Math.Soc., Transl.Ser.II, 1968, v.70, p.12--15.
  51. Some problems of mathematical statistics.// Bull.Inst.Statist.Res.Training, Dacca. - 1968.- Vol.2, N3.- P.30-34.
  52. Lectures on probability.// Novosibirsk University.- 1969.- P.1-159.
  53. Some theorems on convergence for processes.// Proc.Soviet-Japanies symposium on probability, Novosibirsk.- 1969.- Vol.1.- P.19-23.
  54. On three types of conditions for convergence to diffusion processes.// Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1969.- Vol.187, N5.- P.974-977.
  55. Factorization identities and properties of the distribution of the supremum of sequential sums.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1970.- Vol.15, N3.- P.377-418.
  56. Ergodic theorems for multi-channel service systems. // Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1970.- Vol.194, N4.- P.743-746.
  57. On asymptotically optimal nonparametric criteria. // Nonparametric techniques in statistical inference.- Cambridge, 1970.- P.259-266.- (With N.M.Sycheva).
  58. Theorems on the convergence to Markov diffusion processes.// Z.Wahrscheinlichkeitstheor. und verw.Geb.- 1970.- Bd.16, Hf.1.- S.47-76.
  59. On the problem of pattern recognition.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1971.- Vol.16, N1.- P.132-136.
  60. Stochastic processes in queueing theory.// Moscow. Nauka.- 1972.- P.1-367.
  61. Course on Probability.// Moscow, Nauka.- 1972.- P.1-287.
  62. Notes on inequalities for sums of independent variables.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1972.- Vol.17, N3.- P.588-590.
  63. Some properties of the supremum of sums of stationary related random variables.// Theory Probab. Appl.- 1972.- Vol.17, N1.- P.147-150.
  64. On estimates in the invariance principle.// Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1972.- Vol.206, N5.- P.1037-1039.
  65. Convergence of distributions of functionals of random sequences and processes defined on the real line. // Proc.Steklov Inst.Math.- 1974.- Vol.128.- P.43-72.
  66. Convergence of distributions of functionals of random processes.// Russ.Math.Surveys.- 1972.- Vol.27, N1.- P.3-41.
  67. Continuity theorems for multi-channel systems with refusals.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1972.- Vol.17, N3.- P.458-467.
  68. Limit theorems for random walks with boundaries.// Proc.6th Berkeley sympos. on mathematical statistics and probability, Univ.Calif., 1970.- Berkeley, 1972.- Vol.3 ; Probability theory.- P.19-30.
  69. Convergence of random processes in non-separable metric spaces and on non-existence of a Borel measure for process in $C (0, \infty)$.// Theory Probab.Appl., 1973.- Vol.18, N4.- P.812-815.
  70. Criteria for wear convergence of nonnegative measures, and $\sigma$ - topological spaces.// Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1973.- Vol.208, N1.- P.18-20.(With E.A.Pecherskii).
  71. On the rate of convergence for the invariance principle.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1973.- Vol.18, N2.- P.217-234.
  72. Conditions for convergence to degenerated processes.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1973.- Vol.18, N3.- P.449-456.
  73. General theorems of convergence for random processes.// Proc. 2nd Japan-USSR sympos. on probability theory, Kyoto, 1972.- Berlin, 1973.- P.7-15.- (Lect.notes math.: 330).- (with E.A.Pecherskii).
  74. Weak convergence of measures and random processes. // Z.Wahrscheinlichkeitstheor. und verw.Geb.- 1973.- Bd.28, N1.- S.5-22.- (with E.A.Pecherskii).
  75. Rachunek Prawdopodobienstwa.// Warsawa, PWN.- 1975.- 266 p.
  76. Asymptotically optimal tests for compound hypotheses.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1975.- Vol.20, N3.- P.463-487.
  77. On a walk in a strip with inhibitory boundaries.// Math.Notes.- 1975.- Vol.17, N4.- P.649-657.
  78. Pattern recognition.// Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, 3-nd Ed.- 1975.- Vol.21.- P.468-469.- (With N.Zagoruiko).
  79. Pattern recognition in mathematical statistics.// Great Soviet Encyclopaedia, 3-nd Ed.- 1975.- Vol.21.- P.469-470.
  80. Convergence of distributions of integral functionals.// Siber.Math.J.- 1975.- Vol.16, N5.- P.899- 915 - (with E.A.Pecherskii).
  81. Stochastic processes in queueing theory.// New York: Springer-Verlag, 1976.- 280p.- (Appl. of mathematics: 4).
  82. Wahrscheinlichkeitstheorie.// Basel-Stuttgart, Birkhauser.- 1976.- P.1-265.
  83. Theory of Probability.// Moscow, Nauka.- 1976.- P.1-352.
  84. Convergence of measures and random processes.// Russ.Math.Surveys.- 1976.- Vol.31, N2.- P.1-69.
  85. Multi-channel service processes with intensive input flow.I.// Siber.Math.J.- 1978.- Vol.18, N5.- P.966- 986.
  86. Multi-channel service processes with intensive input flow.II.// Siber.Math.J.- 1978.- Vol.18, N6.- P.1220-1245.
  87. Some estimates of the rate of convergence in stability theorems.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1977.- Vol.22, N4.- P.689-699.
  88. On the power of the test with increasing number of class intervals.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1977.- Vol.22, N2.- P.375-378.
  89. On a method of proof of ergodicity and stability theorems.// Proc. of 2-nd Vilnius Conference on Prob. and Stat.Vilnius.- 1977.- Vol.1.- P.57-59.
  90. Rachunek prawdopodobienstwa.// Warsawa: PWN.- 1977.- P.1-226.
  91. Probabilities of large deviations in topological spaces.I.// Siber.Math.J.- 1979.- Vol.19, N5.- P.988- 1004.- (With A.A.Mogul'skii).
  92. Ergodic theorems and stability for walks in a strip and their applications.// Theory Probab. Appl.- 1979.- Vol.23, N4.- P.705-714.
  93. Ergodicity and stability theorems for a class of stochastic equations and their applications.// Theory probab.appl.- 1979.- Vol.23, N2.- P.241-261.
  94. Mathematical statistics.// Novosibirsk University.- 1979.- P.1-160.
  95. On the rate of convergence and large deviations in the invariance principle.// Adv.Appl.Probab.- 1979.- Vol.11.- P.260-261.
  96. On the rate of convergence in invariance principle in probability spaces.// Proc. of 12th European meeting of statisticians, Varna.- 1979.- P.6-7.- (With A.I.Sahanenko).
  97. Asymptotic methods in queueing theory.// Moscow, Nauka.- 1980.- 381 p.
  98. Asymptotic behaviour of the number of free servers for systems with refusals.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1981.- Vol.25, N3.- P.449-463.- (With I.S.Borisov).
  99. Rao-Cramer type inequalities for Bayesian risk.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1980.- Vol.25, N1.- P.207-209.- (With A.I.Sahanenko).
  100. Probabilities of large deviations in topological spaces.II.// Siber.Math.J.- 1981.- Vol.21, N5.- P.12-26.- (With A.A.Mogul'skii).
  101. Estimates for mean square risk.// Probab. and Math.Statist.- 1980.- Vol.1, N2.- P.185-195.- (With A.I.Sahanenko).
  102. On estimates of the rate of convergence in the invariance principle for Banach spaces.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1981.- Vol.25., N4.- P.734-744.- (With A.I.Sahanenko).
  103. Rate of convergence and large deviations in invariance principle.// Proc. of the world.Congr. of mathematicians, Helsinki, 1978.- Helsinki, 1980.- Vol.2.- P.725-731.
  104. Limit distribution for oscillating random walk.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1980.- Vol.25, N3.- P.663-665.
  105. On asymptotically optimal tests for close hypotheses.// Proc. of 3-th Vilnius conference on probab. and statistics. Vilnius.- 1981.- Vol.3.- P.43-46.
  106. On asymptotically optimal estimates for the density.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1981.- Vol.26.. N3.- P.640-641.
  107. Queueing system.// Math.Encyclopaedia, Moskow.- 1982.- Vol.3.- P.537-541.
  108. Queueing system. Input flow.// Math. Encyclopaedia, Moscow.- 1982.- Vol.3.- P.541-543.
  109. Queueing systems with one server.// Math. Encyclopaedia. Moskow.- 1981.- Vol.3.- P.543-550.
  110. Multi-channel queueing systems. Math.// Encyclopaedia. Moskow.- 1982.- Vol.3.- P.550-554.
  111. Queueing systems with loses.// Math. Encyclopaedia. Moscow.- 1982.- Vol.3.- P.554-557.
  112. Queueing theory.// Math.Encyclopaedia. Moskow.- 1982.- Vol.3.- P.557-559.
  113. On asymptotically optimal tests for the close hypotheses. Theory Probab.Appl.- 1982.- Vol.27.- P.200-201.
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  116. Mathematical statistics.- Vol.1.// Novosibirsk University.- 1983.- P.1-87.
  117. Boundary-value problems, the invariance principle and large deviations.// Russ.Math.Survey.- 1983.- Vol.38, N4.- P.259-290.
  118. On consistency of maximum likelihood estimates.// Theory Pribab.Appl.- 1983.- Vol.28, N3.- P.604-605.
  119. On an inequality and a related characterization of the normal distribution.// Theory probab.appl.- 1984.- Vol.28, N2.- P.219-228. (With S.A.Utev)
  120. On the rate of convergence in invariance principle. // Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics: Proc.4-th USSR-Jap.sympos., Tbilisi, 1982.- Berlin a.o., 1983.- P.59-66.- (Lect.notes math.: 1021).- (With A.I.Sahanenko).
  121. On an enequality, connected with a normal distribution.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1983.- Vol.28, N3.- P.606-607.
  122. On 80-th birthday of A.N.Kolmogorov.// Nauka in Siberia.- 1983.
  123. Mathematical statistics. Vol.2.// Novosibirsk University.- 1984.- P.1-86.
  124. Asymptotic methods in queueing theory. // Chichester. J.Wiley.- 1984.- 292p.
  125. Mathematical statistics. Estimates of Parameters. Testing hypotheses.// Moscow, Nauka.- 1984.- 472p.
  126. Asymptotic of the coefficients of factorized Eulerian polynomial.// Siber.Math.J.- 1985.- Vol.26.- P.16-22.- (With V.I.Lotov, A.I.Sahanenko).
  127. Mathematical statistics. Additional chapters.// Moscow, Nauka, 1984.- 143 p.
  128. Random walks.// Math.encyclopaedia, Moscow.- 1985.- Vol.5.- P.12-15.
  129. Large deviations for some classes of functionals and their applications.// Proc.of 4-th Vilnius conference, Vilnius.- 1985.- Vol.4.- P.48-50.- (with A.Mogul'skii).
  130. Probability theory.// Moscow, Nauka.- 1986.- 431 p.
  131. Second-order approximation of random polynomial lines in the Donsker-Prokhorov invariance principle and some applications.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1986.- Vol.31, N2.- P.179-202 (With I.S.Borisov).
  132. Second-order approximation of random polynomial lines in the Donsker-Prokhorov invariance principle and some applications.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1987.- Vol.31, N3.- P.416-417.- (With I.S.Borisov).
  133. Limit theorems for queueing networks.I.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1987.- Vol.31.- P.413-427.
  134. Uniform large deviations theorems for random vectors.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1986.- Vol.31, N2.- P.413- 414.- (With A.A.Mogul'skii).
  135. Ergodicity and some limit theorems for queueing networks.// Theory Probab.Appl.- 1986.- Vol.31, N2.- P.414- 415.
  136. On accuracy of approximation in invariance principle.// I World Congress of Bernoulli Soc. on Probab. and Statistics.- 1986.- Vol.2.- P.815-816.
  137. Asymptotic analysis of communication networks. // Soviet Math.Dokl.- 1987.- Vol.296, N5.- P.1033-1038.
  138. Statistique Mathematique.// Mir.- 1987.- 600 p.
  139. Limit theorems for queueing networks.II.// Theory Probab.App.- 1987.- Vol.32, N2.- P.282-298.
  140. Estatistique mathematica.// Mir.- 1988.- 599 p.
  141. On Ergodicity and stability of the sequence $w(n+1)=f(w(h),z(n))$. Applications to communication networks.// Theory of Probab. and Appl.- 1988.- Vol.33, N4.- P.641-658.
  142. Collection of problems in Mathematical Statistics (with soauthors).// Novosibirsk University.- 1989.
  143. On probabilities of small deviations for stochastic processes (with Mogul'skii), Proceedings of the Institute of Math.- 1989.- Vol.13.- P.147-168 (translated in SIBAM).
  144. To the memory of S.L.Sobolev (with soauthors).// Siber.Math.J.- 1989.- Vol.30, N3.- P.214-216.
  145. The phenomena of asymptotic stabilisation for noncentralized algorithm ALONA. Diffusion Approximation.// Problemi Peredachi Infor.- 1989.- Vol.25, N1.- P.55-64.
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  147. Ljapunov functions and ergodicity of multidimensional Markov chains.// Theory of Prob. and Appl.- 1991.- Vol.36, N1.- P.93-110.
  148. Ergodicity conditions of Markov chains not connected with Harris irreducability.// Siber.Math.J.- 1991.- Vol.32, N4.- P.6-19.
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  173. Ergodicity of polling network with infinite number of stations (with R.Schassberger and D.Korshunov).// Queueing Sistems (to appear).
  174. Mathematical Statistics.// Monograph.- 700p., Gordon and Breach Publ. (to appear in 1997).
  175. Ergodicity and Stability of Stochastic Processes.// Monograph.- 500p. J.Wiley (to appear).
  176. On large tandem quueing systems (with F.Baccelli, J. Mairesse) (to appear).

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