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 A. Kononov

Scheduling Theory


Master Course.

Lecture 1. Classification of Scheduling Problems STlesson1.ppt
Lecture 2. Problems in Combinatorial Optimization STlesson2.ppt
Lecture 3. Assignment Problem, Dynamic Programming STlesson3.ppt
Lecture 4. Single Machine Scheduling Problem I STlesson4.ppt
Lecture 5. Single Machine Scheduling Problem II STlesson5.ppt
Lecture 6. Middle exam  
Lecture 7. Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem I STlesson7.ppt
Lecture 8. Parallel Machines Scheduling Problem II STlesson8.ppt
Lecture 9. Shop Scheduling STlesson9.ppt
Lecture 10. Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling I STlesson10.ppt
Lecture 11. Approximation Algorithms for Scheduling II STlesson11.ppt



Peter Brucker. Scheduling Algorithms. Springer, 2007. 371 p.

Michael L. Pinedo. Scheduling: Theory, Algorithms, and Systems.  Springer 2008. 671 p.




Professor Alexandr Kononov

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