V. Zalgaller  September 14, 2006

Victor Abramovich Zalgaller will celebrate his ninetieth birthday on December 25, 2010.

Zalgaller combines the merits of a philanthropist and a geometer. He is a block of the rock of love and respect to humans' gifts and talents, a citizen of the world, and a soldier of the Victory.

Zalgaller has carried the burden of arduous, irksome, and never-ending man's toil. Zalgaller has always been painstaking and self-sacrificing when he headed a students' circle, wrote a scientific article, or battled at a party meeting.

Exerting his creativity, Zalgaller has ground the diamonds in the rough of his teachers and friends Alexander Alexandrov and Leonid Kantorovich.

Without Zalgaller, neither linear programming nor convex geometry could ever become so popular and acclaimed branches of science as they are welcome throughout the world these days.

Zalgaller is intellectually impeccable and reserved. He is open-minded and hates anything malign. He is exquisitely cultivated, has charms, ways, lofty principles, and intolerance to louts and brutes.

Culture survives by example. Zalgaller porters the luggage of fragile intellectual treasures of Saint Petersburg to the future.

How happy we are to indulge the exploits of Victor Abramovich in enlightening and embellishing so many roads of humans in life.

S. Kutateladze

December 8, 2010

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