Abstract Convexity and
Cone-Vexing Abstractions

S. S. Kutateladze

The slides are available in PDF.

This talk 1 is devoted to some origins of abstract convexity and a few vexing limitations on the range of abstraction in convexity. Convexity is a relatively recent subject. Although the noble objects of Euclidean geometry are mostly convex, the abstract notion of a convex set appears only after the Cantor paradise was founded. The idea of convexity feeds generation, separation, calculus, and approximation. Generation appears as duality; separation, as optimality; calculus, as representation; and approximation, as stability. Convexity is traceable from the remote ages and flourishes in functional analysis.


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1 Delivered on August 26, 2007, at the International Workshop on the Idempotent and Tropical Mathematics in Moscow, August 26–30, 2007. I am grateful to Professor G. Litvinov who kindly invited this talk to the “tropics.”

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